Our Vision

To provide best-in-class designs and templates that customers connect with.

Differentiated through diverse and data-driven collections, we enrich the product offering of our clients with on-trend designs that have a broad appeal. 


Our Brand & Identity



DSGN: The Visual. 

Represents the visual nature of our product and the process of creation through original works of art. 

– On-trend, creative, artistic, conceptual, crafty, original.


Mark: The Marketing. 

Represents the business intelligence behind our design templates; the smart application of performance metrics, analytics and merchandising initiatives.

– Branding, identity, marketing, purpose, strategy.



Our Process

Our in-house design team produces original artwork to build a creative library of unique, exclusive designs.  

Each month we hold an 'Art Attack' session. The designers produce raw artwork through a range of mediums and styles, including painting, drawing, calligraphy and more. It's an opportunity for us to be truly immersed in the artwork – away from our computers – and the result is uniquely authentic. When we're done, all artistic assets are scanned into our creative library and are available exclusively to DSGNMark. 



PNI Media

The world’s leading retailers rely on PNI Media to offer on-demand personalized products to their customers.

PNI provides an enterprise-class e-commerce platform which enables retailers to provide print-on-demand personalized products and services to their customers. Accessed online or in-store, customers can use the platform to create and order personalized photo gifts, prints, brochures, business cards, flyers and more. Learn more about PNI Media: