It’s Our One Year Anniversary :)


Happy 1st Birthday to us! It’s been one year since we officially rebranded & launched DSGNMark and what a year it’s been; we’ve grown our team, our product offering, and our client list along the way.

A key focus for 2017 was developing our greeting card collection – we created hundreds of new designs ranging from everyday occasions like Birthday Greetings and Thank You Cards, to special celebrations such as Suited Wedding Stationery and Baby Shower Invitations.

We pushed our creative boundaries by experimenting with new art techniques and mediums. The designers utilized the Surface Pro by Microsoft, arranged paper cut-outs, and played with shaving foam. We’re not shy to try anything for the sake of creating something truly unique! The best part of our Art Attack sessions is the opportunity to step away from our computers and immerse ourselves in creating just art - we never know what can transpire to become a beautiful product in return.

As a result of our experiments the collection offers a wide variety of styles and we couldn’t be more excited to show them off in our first Semi-Annual Publication; DSGNCatalog! The issue also highlights our program, our vision, and our team.

Stay tuned for more blog posts featuring our Art Attacks and how they turned out! Extra points if you can spot any of these in our latest Publication ;)


-DSGNMark Team

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