Meet the team


Andrea Krtinic


Andrea is responsible for establishing and executing the marketing strategy of DSGNMark products as well as the overall promotion of the program. She is the go-to expert on the program and works closely with all clients to develop and deliver on their product template needs. Andrea loves to travel and has recently resumed her passion for ceramics. 

Lisa Laird


Lisa is responsible for the creative direction of the DSGNMark brand and all projects within its portfolio. She manages the in-house DSGNMark creative team and the design development of the program. In Lisa's spare time she practices creativity in other mediums like painting and digital illustration, producing canvas art and large scale mural designs.


Design experts

Chiara Piangiolino

Born in Italy, Chiara’s love for drawing began with caricatures in school. Today her design approach mixes clean vector patterns with playful hand-drawn outlines. 

Amy Baker

London-born biologist turned designer, Amy maintains a passion for research and experimentation while rediscovering creative techniques in her playful, eclectic style. 

Irene Ahn

Irene has a distinct minimalist style. Her work focuses on simplicity and elegance with a strong sense of geometry. 


Aisha Klippenstein

Aisha is drawn to bold, graphic elements, playful patterns, and vibrant colour combinations. Her love of mixing digital and print mediums reflects her visual arts background. 

Adriana Ogarrio

Adriana is a motion graphic artist from Mexico with an affinity for storytelling and art direction. Her work is inspired by music, letterforms, and nature.